The DLock™ Plug and Play Remote Central Locking Keyless Entry System

Exclusive to DeLorean Club UK, this kit is completely plug and play, requiring less than a minute to install, and is completely invisible and reversible once fitted. The system locks and unlocks both doors, and has additional wires for the addition of a trunk release actuator (will be available from us later, or install one of your choice), and/or wiring to make the indicators flash, or an optional siren output. A blue tell-tale LED is included which can optionally be fitted in the rear parcel shelf area.

Supplied with comprehensive illustrated instructions

It is imperative that the DeLorean central locking system is working 100% correctly before attempting to install the DLock module™. We often find that one or both door lock solenoids are not working, and you will find both sides are available from us as low priced core-swap rewound units.

Only 3 left in stock.

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