Roof Box Repair Kit

Save your torsion bars from snapping!

Ordinarily the roof box should run level with the top of the rear window. With time though, we are starting to see many cars where the bond on the roof box has started to fail, causing the box to lift and bow in the middle, as well as bend by the torsion bar retaining plates. Left unchecked the bonding would fail and the box would completely lift, which can then cause the very expensive torsion bars to fail!

This kit contains the items you need to repair this, along with comprehensive illustrated instructions. You will also need some tools, a list is provided. See the 2nd picture for dimensions to make a torsion bar adjustment jig. Kit contains:

- 4 x stainless bolts

- 4 x stainless Nylock nuts

- 8 x stainless penny washers

- 4 x replacement stainless SP10123 torsion bar retaining plate bolts

- 4 x replacement stainless SP10032 washers for above

- Tube of Wurth Bond and Seal black sealant

- Complete illustrated instructions

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