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The best way of contacting us and getting help is to join the DeLorean EuroTec Forum. Registration and use is completely free and only takes a minute. Once you've joined just post a question and our growing community of 1000+ members will help, fast.
Everything from help with buying a DeLorean or parts, hiring a DeLorean, selling a DeLorean or parts, event details, questions about the history of the DeLorean car, and much more.

For all other enquiries please just use this form and one of our team will reply by email - usually within minutes.


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  • - for parts questions or anything to do with this website (same as filling in this form)
  • Phone/Text Alistair on 07980827146 (for club matters or anything that can't be dealt with by email)
  • - for all other enquiries, technical information, media enquiries etc.
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